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What We Do

We are the people always ready to go off the beaten path and remove any impediments or obstacles for TV and journalism projects to happen. Furthermore, Poland Fixer is a team of professionals who work as your local advisers, production assistants and logistics organisers.

Our Polish fixers and production people act as local connectors. We are your local eyes and ears who can manage media projects in Poland.


Everyone here at Fixer Poland has a background in production and journalism and past experience with international media as fixers and correspondents covering Poland. First of all, we are passionate about our job and country, our traditions, culture, art and cuisine. From Warsaw to Szczecin, from Gdansk to Krakow, we are here to offer our fixing and film production services all around Poland.

We live in Warsaw, but we have connections throughout Poland. Our contact network covers big cities, like the Polish capital or Wroclaw, but also tiny villages up north.

Our services include: general fixing, translation (from English to Polish and vice versa), production assistance, sorting location permits and scouting for filming. In addition, our Fixer Poland team sources local crew and offers equipment rental services through partners located in Warsaw.

International crews may have a hard time in finding a reliable Polish fixer. This is why we can provide recommendations from reputable journalists and film makers. The Fixer Poland team works in a similar way to production companies in Poland. Thus we offer a full one-stop-shop service to journalists and filmmakers. 

We understand the needs of international media and learned over time that reputation is kept through jobs well done.


Do you need a fixer? Fixer Poland is the most reliable service in the country and we are ready to prove that through reputable references.

Our services include:

Translation/production assistance/general fixing

Film and media crew hiring: cameraman, photographer, videographer, sound engineer, stagehand

Location service: permits, scouting

Filming production assistance

Equipment rental from our local partners

Scheduling and logistics management

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Paul Lungu
Warsaw, Poland