Roman Polanski, Copernicus, Chopin, Marie Curie, Pope John II Adam Mickiewicz, Syrenk aStaromiejska, Lazienki Park, the Palace of Science and Culture – these are one of the symbols of Poland and Warsaw. The role of our Poland film fixers is to provide all necessary conditions for securing contributors, locations and discovering the Polish diversity in art, architecture, music and culture.

Film Fixers in Poland

Poland film fixers

Fixer Poland offers you the support you need if you are coming to Poland for media/news reports and movie/commercial productions. We thus provide translators, contributors, permits, equipment rental and logistics.

Why Hire a Poland Film Fixer Instead of a Production Company

The people in our team are all media professionals with an international background. Because our operation is small, the main advantage of working with our fixers is the saving in costs. While production companies need to support a major operation throughout the year, our colleagues here at Fixer Poland mostly work as freelancers or project-based producers.

Equipment rental

We offer options for gear rental in Poland through our local partners. In terms of setting up shoots, Fixer Poland acts as a production company that sources its services through local partners.

Filming Locations

Poland offers a variety of places suitable for filming movies and branded content. Different shapes of relief, beaches, villages, but also big cities: our Poland film fixers can secure any location needed.