Hiring a film fixer in Poland is a safe way towards success with your production in this country. Poland is a great destination for those makers of movies looking for historic and war-related locations. When it comes to going right to the source of history itself, it doesn’t get much more authentic than this country.

Why should you hire a film fixer in Poland?

Why is it that you should hire a film fixer in Poland? First of all, Poland is not the greatest English-speaking country on the planet. Having a local fixer from one of the major cities will break the unbreakable language barrier between your crew and the locals. It’s not easy getting around in this country, even in the large cities, without being able to speak Polish. And instead of hiring a guide or a translator, a fixer will most likely know English and therefore will be able to assist with communication.

Speaking of communication, your film fixer in Poland will help you communicate your plans with not just your Polish part of the crew but also local authorities, film permit issuers, and anybody else. They’re the bridge between your film and the country you’re in. Next, a film fixer is an ideal partner to have on the ground, as they can take care of most problems a production might face. For example, they can get equipment replaced or fixed, should you need such service.

Also, they can hire extras or even actors with just a few phone calls, find new filming locations, hire busses, or buy train passes for large groups, hotels, and meals, as well as any other piece of logistics you might need. A fixer is just what it sounds like, a person who’s ready to fix bugs and problems with little effort and complete calm.

The features of a good film fixer

What are some of the features of a good film fixer in Poland? Knowledge of their country should be number one. They should be familiar with places of interest, laws, filming passes, and everything related to a movie set in their country. Communication should be second. They should be able to communicate with you as a producer, as well as any other person in the crew, with ease and complete calm. Should an issue arise the film fixer is ought to keep their calm and speak some encouraging words to everybody else.

Experience and portfolio should be third. A film fixer with experience in making movies will show their portfolio with honesty and proudness, as they are lucky enough to have worked on some great productions in the past. Their list should be similar in form and topic to your project. The more similarity between the fixer’s past project and yours, the better the collaboration will go. Finally, a fixer should be the epiphany of tranquillity. Fixers have to remain stress-free no matter the issues that might come on the set.