With an unmatched history and sublime natural wonders, media production in Poland is usually a great idea. Part of the European Union, this country offers all of the desired services. Of course, this includes equipment for video making, movie production, and all in between. Cheap and reliable, Poland is a great filming destination for production services.

Media production in Poland – the secrets to doing it right

There aren’t many secrets held by doing media production in Poland. However, the secret is the simplicity with which everything happens in a country that’s in the European Union, largely abiding by its laws.

For once, you need a permit to shoot in public areas of interest, such as historical landmarks, buildings, and complexes. Documentary shooting is one of the most important filming genres that you can organize in Poland. This is because of the existence of places like the Auschwitz-Birkenau complexes in the Southern part of the country, among other similar places.

If you’re looking for hiring people on the ground in Poland, either for acting or backstage production, you’re in luck. Most Polish people speak fluent English and will be great in giving you a helping hand on the ground. Thus, you cut on costs of general production.

For a successful media production in Poland, it is best to go for the locals, as they know how things run better than you would ever with just internet research. Hire local guides to help you with facts and places, fixers to assist with logistics, even actors who can play in your movies or series at a lower price than those you’d fly in.

Based on your needs, you can even film without a permit in large public areas, considering your production is not larger than 10 people and you’re not disrupting public affairs. Do make sure to check the rules out with the authorities before, to avoid fines.

Poland’s most impressive hidden gems for filming

Despite being famous for mostly the darkest moments in human history, Poland is not just about concentration camps. With many superb cities at your disposal, such as Warsaw, Krakow, or Poznan, Poland is great for cityscape and traditional documentaries. You can also shoot food-related media production in Poland, given the diverse culture around it in this country. Another place you can look at is nature, as Poland has many hidden gems for you to point your cameras at.

For example, one of Poland’s best-kept secrets is The Crooked Tree Forest, a forest with trees that look like they’ve been bent on purpose. This alone makes Poland a must for nature documentary filmmakers. The zone contains more than 400 pines with the base severely crooked or deformed. The forest has been at the base of legends and mysteries for centuries, baffling visitors from all over the planet. Szczecin is the closest city to this natural wonder, just a short, hour-long train ride from the city center. Now that’s a backdrop!