With a rich history and decent growth after being one of the most important countries in the Second World War operations, Poland is the ultimate country where you can film a movie on these subjects. This is why jobs like production assistant in Poland are popular, more than in many other places.

Production assistant in Poland, a quick how-to

Poland is located in Central Europe, a country of 39 million people, with an incredible landscape and amazing cities filled with history. The place of modernization and growth, Poland was at the center of World War II, being one of the places where the Germans erected and managed their war machines. Nowadays, offering world heritage sites for visitors from all corners of the globe, Poland is the perfect spot for shooting war-themed films or documentaries.

A great production assistant in Poland knows just how and what to do when a film crew is ready to start a new gig in the country. They will set up things such as hotels, film sets, equipment, transport, and logistics of all sorts. When dealing with a new production in this country, it’s better to go with as many people as you can hire locally, as they know the internal affairs of things like historical sites, memorials, museums and other places of interest you might want to feature in your movie or documentary.

While Poland screams history for the most part, and usually not the most peaceful of what mankind has been through, a good production assistant in Poland will also know where to take you for other shots, including nature sets, cities like Krakow or Warsaw where the modern blends with the classic, and so on. These are important for any production, as are interviews, which you can also ask your assistant to help you with.

How to make the most out of a Poland filming

Filming anything in Poland will usually turn out great and with no headaches. The people are incredible, calm, and helpful, and the ones you’ll hire will mostly do their jobs right. When in Poland, there’s a lot more to do than just film. If you’re in for a longer production, take into account visiting the most important places in the country, cities like Warsaw, the capital of the country, but also the beautiful Krakow in the south, or Poznan by the sea.

While in the country, besides hiring the best production assistant in Poland, try the delicious food, namely the pierogi or the dumplings, filled with savory and sweet mixings that will blow your taste buds away. And if you think the Czech Republic is famous for beer, try the one made in Poland, especially the black one for some ideal after-dinner fixing or late-night pub crawling. Bottom line is, no matter how serious the filming that your crew is doing in Poland is, don’t forget to have some fun, enjoy the scenery, and meet the people of the country you’re visiting.