The pandemic hit the arts industries hard, forcing creatives to take a step back and reducing the need for production services in Poland. As for the cinematographic industry, films got postponed and filmmakers found themselves stuck. Yet if we take a look at what happened lately, we see some sort of a silver lining, as 2021 unravels.

Adaptation Of The Production Services In Poland In COVID-19 Times

Filmmaking abroad is challenging under standard circumstances. But under the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, things become more and more complicated. As a result, traveling to various shooting sites, bringing gear from abroad, or even being on set were on hold. However, for filmmakers, this forced pause meant more than just a hiccup on the way. As borders closed, movie theaters closed as well. And for the Polish film industry, that move hit hard.

Even as restrictions relaxed, the movie industry has not yet reached the shore. Nonetheless, production services in Poland are slowly getting back on track, but there is still doubt. The investment recovery is under scrutiny, as film lovers still cannot enter cinemas. However, film crews are rolling and getting productions ready for the screen. Yet it is hard to estimate when they will become available for the large public.

Predicting the box-office impact of these pandemic-marked productions is more than difficult. And for low-budget productions, chances decrease. This is still a big concern affecting production services in Poland and worldwide.

There is, however, a silver lining in the middle of the COVID-19 storm. This is because the Polish government managed to help the industry stay afloat. Allocating up to €1.3 billion for the cultural sector in 2020 was just one step. This relief scheme included a grant for filmmakers affected by the lockdown. Plus, for the year 2021, they designated up to €27 million for film and television projects. All this, in addition to the traditional funding schemes of the Polish Film Institute.

How Poland Fixer Can Help You Get Back On Set

Getting back on set and ready to roll is something every filmmaker dreams of. However, in these difficult and unpredictable times, having local support is key to success.

Poland Fixer comes to aid foreign filmmakers that wish to continue with their plans. Thanks to our local crew of media mavens, you will be fully informed of all the restrictions, at all times. Moreover, before you embark on a journey to unknown lands or regulations, we will make sure to give you all the details. Complying with the country’s conditions and keeping everyone safe on set is our main goal.

We understand the concern and strive to provide accurate, up-to-date support to filmmakers. And with the hopes of getting back to normal soon, we take care of all the possible details that could get in the way. Safety measures to keep the set clean, social distancing, required approvals for filming – we do it all.

COVID-19 may have made us reconsider many of our filming plans. But we choose to move forward, with caution and hope. So if you are looking for all-encompassing production services in Poland, here we are. Our crew is here to assist you with all the details you need, for a stress-free filming experience.